Monteagle River Rocks

Tennessee River Rocks

1 to 3 inch

Tennessee River Rocks come in a variety of shapes and colors, these are 1 to 3 inch.


4 to 6 inch

Tennessee 4 to 6 inch river rocks, ask about our delivery.


6 to 8 inch

These are our 6 to 8 inch river rock, harvested here.


8 to 10 inch

Need larger rocks, 8 to 10 inch rocks ready to go!


10 to 12 inch

Get a ton and have some fun with 10" to 12" rocks.


12 to 18 inch

Sometimes bigger is better, 12 to 18 inches.

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mexican Beach Pebbles

We have a variety of colors and size of Mexican Beach Pebbles.

Alabama Sunset

Alabama Sunset

Who doesn't love the color of an Alabama sunset.

Indy Jack

Indiana River Rock

Spice up your landscaping with Indy Jack!

small river rocks

Small River Rock

Our smallest river rocks, great for creative landscaping.

Louisville Garden Blend

Louisville Garden Blend

Louisville Garden Blend rocks are multicolored, smooth and sure to add class to your landscaping.

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel

Our pea gravel is colorful and sure to set off any landscape area you're creating!

Colorado River Rocks

Colorado River Rock

Three different rock patterns and multicolored with a variety of sizes.

White Marble

White Marble

White Marble will add a touch of class to any landscaping project.

Black Slate

Black Slate

Black Slate and White Marble, what a statement that will make creating a perfect contrast!

Boulders & Slicks

River Boulders

River Boulders

River boulders used in natural landscape settings.

Medium Slicks

River Slicks

River slicks are harvested from river beds and banks.

Large Slicks

River Slicks Large

These are our larger river slicks for big ideas!

Delivery Services

Wholesale Delivery

Wholesale buyers contact us for delivery by the semi-truck load or trailer, for cost and shipping times.

Retail Delivery

Our retail customers can use our delivery too, call us at 931-954-6090, for information on Monteagle River Rocks.