Flagstone Fieldstone Stepping Stones

Flagstone Bronze

Flagstone Bronze

Flagstone fieldstone stepping stones, this is our 2" Oklahoma Bronze.

Oklahoma Bronze

Oklahoma Bronze

Garretson's one and a half inch Oklahoma Bronze.

Patio Stones

Patio 1 1/2

One and a half inch patio flagstone.

Patio Stone

Patio 2 Inch

This is our 2 inch patio flagstone.

Bubble Strips

Flagstone Rubble Strips

Garretson's Rubble Strips make great steps!

Cobble Flag Stone

Flagstone Cobble

Flagstone Cobble is a rectangular block.

Patio Flagstones

Patio Flagstones

Tan, large patio flagstones when you need BIG!

Gray Flagstones

Gray Flagstones

Our large, gray flagstones make a great option.

Quarry Stone

Quarry Stone

For those wanting smaller flagstones for a project.



Fieldstone Ashlar

This stone is broken into rectangles and squares.

Thin Stones

Fieldstone Thin

Stone fireplaces look great made of this stone.

Thick Long

Fieldstone Thick Long

Thicker, longer, heavy duty stone.

Thick Stones

Fieldstone Thick

One of our thickest fieldstones.

Medium Long

Fieldstone Medium

Fieldstone which is medium, long.

FS Stack

FS Medium Stack

A great stack of medium fieldstones.


FS Boulders

Looking for boulders? We have them.

Boulder Fingers

FS Finger Boulders

Great for retaining walls and landscape edging..


Fieldstone Steppers

These steppers come in tan with various sizes.

Stepping Stones & Pavers

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Thick, gray stepping stones.

Large Steps

Large Stepping Stones

Thick, tan stepping stones.

Stone Steps

Stone Steps

Stone steps cut and ready for you to install.

Blue Flagstone

Blue Flagstone

This is our Stand Up Blue Flagstone.

Tan Flagstone

Tan Flagstone

This is our Stand Up Tan Flagstone.

Pavers 3

Photos of pavers coming when the stones arrive. Plenty of flagstone fieldstone stepping stones and more selling now.

Flagstone & Field Stone


Flagstone is quarried from under the ground, giving it a different color and texture than fieldstone. All of our flagstone is from here
in Tennessee.

Field Stone

Fieldstone is harvested from on top of the ground or the side of a mountain. It is usually composed of granite, sandstone or limestone, in Tennessee.